Core Values

Core Values

We are a Christian organization. By this we mean that the following tenets will characterize our activities:

  • Pioneers – We will see the invisible, we will do the impossible
  • Integrity – We will maintain the highest ethical standard: our thoughts, words and actions will be congruent
  • Value Creation – We will ensure that all our stakeholders profit from their association with us.

Our stake holders are:


We will provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare products and services to our customers.

We recognize that our suppliers play an invaluable role in enabling us meet our customers’ need, we will therefore deal with them with respect, fairness and equity while insisting on quality services.


We will deploy our best efforts as we work together to achieve common goals.


We will be a model corporate citizen. The communities we live and work in shall benefit from our various community empowerment initiatives


We will actively collaborate with Governments and other developmental partners to improve health care delivery.


We shall empower our people to deliver the results we desire and we shall reward them appropriately.

Founding Fathers 

We will ensure that the vision of the founding fathers to reach the unreached is actualized